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The Best Top Handle Chainsaw In 2022 – Experts Top Picks


The chainsaw is a staple of the lumber industry and for good reason. It’s one of the most versatile tools around, allowing you to cut wood with precision and ease. That being said, there are many different types on the market that cater to specific needs or preferences. If you’re looking for best top handle chainsaw, then this article will help point out some of your options!

What Are the Most Common Uses for Top Handle Chainsaws?


A top handle chainsaw is a type of chainsaw that helps with the control and handling. These types of chainsaws are used by many professionals in their line of work, especially for cutting down trees. Some people even use it to cut small branches or logs from fallen trees during storms or natural disasters when they need wood for fires, etc.

Top handle chainsaws are also very useful for landscaping. This is because they allow you to cut at specific angles that cannot be reached by regular chain saws. They also make cutting down trees much safer and easier, not to mention quicker in many cases as well! Compared with straight handled chainsaws (or ‘Sidewinders’), the top handle chainsaw allows you to maintain a more natural body position during operation, which reduces fatigue and strain on your arms.

Top handle chainsaws are also very easy to use because you don’t need a lot of strength or energy when operating them due to their low vibrations and reduced weight compared with other types of chain saws. However, it should be noted that not all top handle chainsaws are created equal.

Best Top Handle Chainsaw

The best top handle chainsaws are designed to be used with one hand. They can be held and operated by the user’s dominant hand, leaving the other free to operate a saw without having to stop and switch hands. This design makes them more versatile than traditional chainsaws that must be gripped from both sides of the bar, which is not always possible when you’re wearing gloves or need two hands for something else. Read on as we explore some of these top rated models!

The Echo CS-271T-12 is designed for heavy duty cutting. It has an excellent design, very powerful with good ergonomics making it the best gas top handle chainsaw on the market today.

One of the biggest reasons that homeowners choose a top handle chainsaw is because they want to maintain their yard without having to deal with oil and fuel spills. As long as you can get past its high price, this model will be an excellent choice for your backyard needs. It has an 12 inch bar and chain making it perfect for taking down larger trees. It has a speed of 2600 FPM so it will take down even the largest tree in no time. The combination between its powerful engine and excellent cut makes this model perfect for cutting firewood too.

The Echo CS-271T-12 is easy to start thanks to its automatic priming system that starts up within seconds. It is also easy to adjust the tension on its chain. The manufacturer made this model extremely durable and solid so it can last for years of use without you having to worry about it breaking down in the middle of a project. One major downside that we found when researching this product was that there were some complaints from people who had issues getting parts repaired under warranty. It is still a great model, but be sure to read the terms of your warranty before buying this chainsaw.

Overall, the Echo CS-271T-12 is a great top handle chainsaw that will give you an excellent performance in your backyard. It has all of the features that both homeowners and professionals want from their chainsaws. You can easily adjust it to fit your needs even if they change over time because its engine power adjusts too by simply adjusting the throttle. It is a bit on the expensive side, but for this performance and build quality it is well worth every penny spent.



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This is a cordless chainsaw with 36 V battery. It can work with 14 bar and chain. There is no need to have gasoline or oil, so it’s very convenient for any use case: homeowners, professional landscapers and even more professionals like tree service companies. The device has 940 FPM (feet per minute) with a variable speed trigger (0-3), so it’s fast in cutting trees. It weighs only 10.84 lbs and has anti vibration system to reduce strain on your hands while working for many hours at a time.

The best feature is the long lasting battery which can be replaced when needed with no need to buy whole new chainsaw set. This top handle chain saw by Makita is very reliable even when used daily for many hours.

The chain is covered with anti-kickback protection so it’s safe to use around children and pets. The device has auto oiler system built in, which ensures constant lubrication of the bar and chain during operation for longer lifespan. Also, this saw can work on any kind of wood: from softwood like cedar or pine to hardwood like maple or oak.



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This is a top handle chainsaw that uses a highly efficient brushless motor design. It can be used for both outdoor and indoor purposes, because it has the power to cut through wood fast! The chainsaw brake helps prevent accidents by stopping the blade in seconds once you release the trigger. This product has ergonomic side handles for increased comfort and control.

The batteries are compatible with other DEWALT 20V MAX tools, It has an integrated battery so you can unplug it from one job and plug into another without having to wait around for it to charge up again.

It also features a large oil reservoir with an indicator that lets you know when the saw needs more oil which can be done without stopping cutting. The auto-oiling system allows you to work quickly and efficiently so your job gets completed faster, saving on labor costs.

It is fairly priced considering everything that it has to offer!



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The LCS1240 is one of the best top handle chainsaws in the market today. It has an integrated Smartech battery for longer power without compromising on speed or performance. The black and decker batteries are interchangeable with other Black+Decker tools which makes this a great buy if you have multiple cordless tools already in your arsenal. . This product includes a 12-inch Oregon bar and chain which is replaceable.

An efficient 40V MAX* Lithium Ion battery provides up to 200 SPM with a 0-4400 RPM, fast charging Rapid Optimum Charger and an auxiliary handle.

It comes with an automatic oiling system, that eliminates the need for manual oiling of your chains while working.



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This lightweight chainsaw is easy to use and will make your work super fun. It’s perfect for small yard clean-ups, pruning, or cutting firewood when camping. The bright LED light provides great visibility in darker conditions.

Avoid using it in wet weather because the battery won’t hold a charge if its damp! Also, don’t forget to wear protective gear like goggles and gloves for safety.



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This is a great chainsaw because it does not require gas and oil to operate, meaning that this Makita saw will be ready when you need it. With the 18V battery included in this top handle chainsaw package, you can easily cut through large trees with no problem whatsoever. This tool also accepts other batteries from older versions of LXT tools, meaning that you can use batteries from other saws or drills if you want to save money on buying new ones.

Another feature which makes this chainsaw stand out is the digital speed control system included in it, allowing for better cutting precision and longevity of brushes. It also includes a tool-less chain catcher, making it easy for users to remove the debris which might get caught in the saw.

This lightweight chainsaw weight is at only 7.19 lbs. It includes a built-in L.E.D headlight for visibility in low light conditions and an anti-vibration system to reduce the user’s fatigue when extended use is required over time. The Makita battery charges within 30 minutes so that you are not waiting around all day for it to recharge.



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Gas vs. Battery Powered vs. Electric Chainsaws

When it comes to chainsaws, there are many options available. One of the most common types is :

Gas powered chainsaws

These can be very loud and typically have a lot more power than battery powered or electric models. The best thing about these tools is that they are powerful enough for big jobs like cutting down trees in your yard if you needed to.

Battery powered chainsaws

These are also a good option for those who don’t want the hassle of dealing with gas and oil or noise pollution as well as exhaust fumes. While you won’t get as much power from these tools, they’re still powerful enough for most jobs like trimming trees and clearing branches after storms that lead to fallen trees. This type of chainsaw is also often much lighter than gas powered models as well as cheaper and easier to maintain since it doesn’t need oil or fuel to run.

Electric chainsaws

These are the least powerful, but they’re still capable of getting most jobs done that require a saw around your house. They don’t have nearly the power of gas and battery powered saws, but they also don’t require the hassle of mixing fuel or dealing with exhaust fumes. This is a great option if you want something quick and easy to use that doesn’t cost much money either.

Best chain bar length for top handle chainsaws

The chain bar length for your top handle chainsaw is an important consideration in making sure you enjoy using it. Most of these chainsaws are light enough to allow them to be used by just about anyone, but that doesn’t mean they should all have the same sized bar or chain. A longer one will give you more cutting power, but a smaller one can allow you to have more control over the saw.

Bar lengths range from 16 inches up to 20 inches, with most at 18-inches or somewhere around that mark. The better option depends on what type of work you want your chainsaw to do and how strong you are. If you are a professional, the larger bar will allow you to have more cutting power for bigger jobs, but if you are just looking at your own property or spending time with friends on weekends doing some landscape work then the smaller saws may be better suited for those tasks.

Weight and maneuverability


These are two of the most important things to consider when you’re looking for a good chainsaw. If it is too heavy, then you might end up struggling with carrying around and maneuvering it which makes cutting trees very difficult. On the other hand, if your chainsaw isn’t light enough or easily maneuvered then this can lead to accidents.

The best top handle chainsaw should be easy to carry around and control without the risk of accidents while you’re out in the woods cutting trees down. While finding a good chainsaw that balances weight and maneuverability can take some time, So you should find the perfect balance between these two important factors.

Engine / Motor and Start Technology

The motor is the heart of any chain saw, and its power output determines how well it performs. With gas engines, you get to choose between two very different types: heavy-duty (HD) or light-weight (LW). They are both good for their own purposes; HDs typically have more torque, while LWs weigh less and are easier to transport.

Electric motors, on the other hand, offer a lot of power with less vibration; however, they require more maintenance than gas-powered ones.

battery-powered chainsaws are very light and deliver high-end performance, but their batteries can’t hold a charge for long – you need to recharge them after every use.

Powered Start Technology (PS) is designed to ease the task of starting up your saw by eliminating much of the pull effort involved in getting it going. For some models, you can start the chainsaw with a single press of the button. However, this convenience does come at a cost as it impacts on durability.

Holding clip and handle


Holding clip and handle for a chainsaw can be very helpful when you’re in the middle of cutting fallen trees or branches. These chainsaws are made for quick and easy adjustments, which is great if your wrist starts to feel tired from holding up all that weight.

The best top handle chainsaw should have an extension cord so it won’t run out of battery in the middle of cutting. If you want to make sure it has this capability, look for top handle chainsaws with battery packs.

Top handle chainsaw makes handling easier and provides better grip while holding clip and handle during use. Besides that, they are also affordable when compared to their counterparts like the mid-handle chainsaw or rear handle chainsaw.

A top handle chainsaw is a better option to use in the long run, and it makes cutting large trees much easier than using other types of saws. The best thing about this type of chainsaws is that they aren’t too difficult to lift into place for one person to cut through fallen or standing trees.

Chain tensioner and chain brake

They are the two important components of best top handle chainsaw. Chain tensioner is responsible for tightening up the chain and making it easy to cut through things like wood, metal or even other objects. A brake can help you stop quickly in case there’s urgent need or when kickbacks are activated ; this usually happens when something gets caught on your chainsaw that needs immediate attention.

Chain Catcher Hand Guard And Locks

Chain catcher hand guard and locks that keep your hands safe from the chainsaw blade makes this a very good tool to have. Chains can be sharp so you need all of the protection you can get. You should wear sturdy shoes too because if one slips off, it could cause an accident as well.

Practical gloves are also recommended to help you grip the chainsaw. A good idea is to have a visor on your hat for protection from flying debris as it whizzes through the air and can hit you in an open space such as the eyes or head so do protect yourself with goggles, too. Don’t forget the earmuffs, too.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, a top handle chainsaw is ideal for many professionals and people who need it in their line of work. It’s also very easy to use due to its reduced weight and less vibrations when compared with other types of chain saws. On the downside, not all top handle chainsaws are created equal; you should be picky when choosing the best top handle chainsaw for your needs.

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