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The Best Table Saw Blades in 2022 – By Experts


Experienced woodworkers know that your cut is as good as the blade regardless of the table saw you are using. For this reason, you must get the best table saw blade on the market. 

You should familiarize yourself with the best blades because you will definitely need to replace that blade that you are currently working with at some point. 

A bad or a cheap blade will make inaccurate cuts with horrible finishes, and that would be a waste of time and money. 

There are many aspects and features to check when you are shopping for a blade, including its size, its teeth, their configuration, etc. 

For example, there are blades with 30, 40, and 50 teeth. There are even 80-tooth table saw blades. 

In this article, we made a ton of research to present to you the best table saw blades you could buy. You will also find crucial information and frequently asked questions so you can make an informed decision.

The 6 Best Table Saw Blades in 2022

Diablo D1050X is the best combination table saw blade if you are going to do a lot of ripping and cross-cutting because it can be used for both. This, of course, saves you a lot of precious time. 

It has 50 teeth, 40 of which are small and make the blade suitable for cross-cutting, and the remaining 10 are large, so they remove shavings and facilitate the ripping process. Moreover, it has gaps between the teeth to reduce vibration. They also create a suitable medium between ripping and cross-cutting over numerous material.

Besides, it is made of durable carbide, and the tri-metal shock resistant brazing helps the carbide tips withstand hard conditions and reach maximum durability. As for its kerf, it has a very thin laser cut kerf, so the cuts are not just clean but also fast. 

Furthermore, the cuts are very accurate, thanks to the blade’s ability to expand when there is a heat buildup. Also, the laser cut arbor helps the blade rotate accurately, reducing vibration and premature wear. 

However, you can only have it in a 10-inch size.



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Bottom Line:

If you hate changing the blades of your table saw and need one blade that can be used for cross-cutting and ripping, get the impressive Diablo D1050X.

This 10-inch table saw blade is the best one for many reasons. It is compatible with almost all table saws, no matter their brand, which explains why it is expensive. Also, it may be costly because its small kerf helps you save up to 1/8″ per cut in comparison with lesser blades. 

Moreover, it has 40 teeth on its sides. It also has a 30-degree angle with ATB teeth, which help it reach full stop when you are taking it off the power. 

In addition to the above, it is made to reduce the splintering that sometimes happens in order to control the jump that occurs whenever you move the wood because this helps it overboard across the machine.

What I genuinely love about Forrest WW10407125 is that its materials are handmade, which means that it is made with genuine care. Besides, its carbide teeth are fixed to the machine’s plate with hands and not automatically or by using a machine. Moreover, it is hand-tensioned. 

It is especially excellent for plywood and veneer materials. 

However, it moves too fast, so it may cut certain wood materials. Also, expect it not to work as great as it does when it comes to zero clearance setting.



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If you need an all-purpose table saw blade, this is your one. Its small kerf helps you save wood, and it reduces splintering. We could say that Forrest WW10407125 is the best general-purpose table saw blade. 

This is yet another 10-inch table saw blade made of tungsten carbide, which makes it quite durable. What is significant and unique about DEWALT DW3106P5 is that it comes with two blades at an affordable price. 

The two blades are 10 inches; however, they have different teeth count. One of them has 32 teeth and is suitable for ripping and general-purpose missions. The other one has 60 teeth and is specially made for delivering cross-cutting with high quality. 

It has a very thin kerf of 0.095-inches, which helps it make fast cuts. 

Another piece of great news is that these blades have plates that are computer-made, which reduces vibration and produces clean cuts with a better finish. 

What also helps with getting accurate and clean finish is the existence of an exclusive wedge shoulder design, which creates a small shoulder behind the teeth whenever you are cutting. This shoulder increases the power behind the teeth, and therefore makes smoother cuts because there is less splintering around the edges. 

Sadly, the blades are not consistently sharpened, so one of them will work great right out of the box, but the other will need some sharpening first. Given the impressive features stated above, if you are okay with sharpening, then do not allow this drawback to stop you from buying DEWALT DW3106P5. Also, they are not good at fine work at all. 



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This is the best table saw blade that has two blades with the price of one. Moreover, its thin kerf, computer-made plates, and shoulder design assure you that you are going to get accurate and smooth cuts. 

This blade is good with handling cross cuts in materials ranging from 3/4 to 3-½-inches thick, and it handles rip cuts in materials of 3/8 to 1-½-inches thick. So, if this is going to be the thickness you will deal with, go for it. It has flat teeth and alternating-top-bevel teeth, which means that it is equally good with cross-cuts and rip cuts. 

Freud LU83R010 is a 10-inch blade made from Premium TiCo HI-Density Carbide Combination Blend, which allows you to perform excellently. It also has 50 teeth that are finished with tips made from Freud’s combination blend. 

Since these teeth start sharp and offer excellent edge retention, the blade goes longer between sharpening and lives longer. In other words, the impressive teeth save you precious time and money.

Like Diablo D1050X, it has reduced vibration thanks to the existence of laser-cut, anti-vibration slots. They also reduce sideways movement in the cut, which leads to extending the blade life and giving a crisp and flaws-free finish. 

Furthermore, it is coated with Tough Perma-Shield, which does not only reduce friction but also reduces heat buildup. 

Thanks to the thin kerf (0.91), it has a faster feed rate since they remove less material than the standard carbide blades. Also, the thin kerf needs less power to work to produce smooth and accurate cuts. 



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At a reasonable price, Freud LU83R010 offers crispy and accurate cuts with a clear finish. It also saves you time and money since its thin kerf allows for faster feed and removes less material. 

Made from hi-density carbide with the addition of titanium, HICO CBW1232 is going to last with you for many years, and provide you with a flawless finish. 

The 12-inch blade comes with 32 teeth with ATB configuration, which makes it great with cross-cutting. Moreover, its 0.11″ kerf allows for quick cutting. It is also ideal for all cutting applications in softwood, hardwood, chipboard or plywood. 

Unlike many blades, this one is pretty quiet thanks to the laser cut stabilizer vents that reduce and trap noise and vibration as well. 




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Bottom Line:

HICO CBW1232 is one of the best 12-inch table saw blades thanks to its durable body, thin kerf, and ATB teeth configuration. It also reduces noise and vibration. 

This 10-inch blade comes with 50 teeth. It is suitable for composite materials, softwoods, hardwoods, pressure-treated lumber, and plywood. You can also use it to cut melamine and veneered plywood. Moreover, it knows how to handle delicate molding and double-sided laminates. 

The configuration of its 50 teeth is Alternate Tooth Bevel. It has a racer tooth to make knife-like cuts, and they allow for a smooth finish. 

The teeth are durable as they are made of carbide and can be resharpened so they can last for a long time. 

The cuts are precise thanks to the precision tension. Moreover, it is heat resistant. 

Sadly, the blade is so slow to use on some saws. Besides, the teeth may break off when you are making cuts. 



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Bottom Line:

If you appreciate having a blade that can be resharpened, then IRWIN Marples 1807368 is the best one you can get. Moreover, it produces knife-like cuts and is heat resistant. 

How to Pick a Table Saw Blade

1. Number of Teeth

Generally speaking, blades with more teeth produce smooth and precise cuts, while blades with fewer teeth produce rough cuts, but they are quicker than the former type. 10-inch blades are excellent with ripping lumber. Also, they come with 24 teeth blades, so they make fast cuts on a variety of materials. 

2. Kerf

Since kerf is the breadth of the blade, it determines its thickness. Picking the right thickness is vital when it comes to making a precise cut on a particular material. Some blades have full-kerf, while others have thin-kerf. The full-kerf blades cut 1/8 slot. Such blades are the ones that should be used with saws that have 3hp motors or more. 

The thickness you choose depends on the cuts you want to make. 

3. Teeth Configuration

Typically, table saws are used on job sites, so you might want to move it around the same job site or from one job site to another.

This is why you need to consider how much it weighs along with all the extras you’ll need to get your work done.

In this case, the DW745 is a good choice or if you need more power, you can opt for the DWE7480.

Cordless saws are usually a lot more compact, lightweight, and very easily portable. So you might want to look into the options available if portability is a huge concern of yours.

Alternative Top Bevel (ATB)

As the name suggests, “alternative” means that the blade teeth alternate between the right-hand bevel and the left-hand bevel. This is especially ideal for cross-cutting on natural woods and veneered plywood. It also results in smooth cuts. 

High Alternative Top Bevel (Hi-ATB)

This is the kind you should go for if you need to make precise cross-cuts. It is also suitable for materials that are coated with melamine and prone to breaking. 

Teeth Combination (COMB)

These blades are the ones that any woodshop owner should have. They are designed specially to make cross-cuts and ripped cuts on various materials. 

The teeth are arranged in 5 groups, and you will find a massive hollow in the middle of the teeth.

Flat Top (FT)

The flat-top teeth are better suited for rip-cuts on hard and softwoods. The rip blade is designed to remove the material with ease since wood is less likely to splinter or chip when it is cut with the grain. 

TCG (Triple-chip-grind)

This one is made to cut hard material because the arrangement of the blade is suited for this. 

Also, the teeth tend to swap so you can use a single blade to make different cuts. 

Blade Tips

The quality of the blade tips that come with the blade determines various aspects, including the following: how much time the blade will remain sharp, how neat the cuts will come, and how many times the blades will need to be resharpened. 

Carbide tipped blades are usually the best ones you can get. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Size of the Blade that Your Table Saw Needs?

Before purchasing a new blade, always look at the side of the blade that your table saw uses. Generally speaking, most of the table saws require a 10-inch blade, and some require a 12-inch one. 

Blades that are larger than 12 inches are used to cut hardwoods. Moreover, they are quicker at creating cuts. 

How Many Teeth Should a Blade Have?

Most cross-cutting blades have 60 to 100 ATB teeth. The more the teeth, the cleaner the cut. 

Also, 40-tooth ATB or 50-tooth COMB blades are excellent for cross-cutting.

Does the Material Matter?

Sure. Carbide is the best material available on the market nowadays because it extends the life of the teeth and the plate. 

A lot of people buy aluminum as it is one of the cheapest; however, it only lasts for a few months. If you really think about it, you will find that carbide is cheaper in the long run, given that it is durable. 

Is Having More Teeth Better?

Blades that have many teeth result in smoother cuts, but those with fewer teeth remove the material faster; however, they produce rough cuts. 

Can you Put Two Blades on a Table Saw?

Yes, you can. When you stack two regular blades, make sure that the blades are alternating to prevent them from getting bent. 

Final Thoughts

We hope you have already found your best table saw blade. In case you are still confused, here is a quick recap.  

Our first and second-best blades are Diablo D1050X and Forrest WW10407125. The reason why they are the top ones is that they can be used to make crosscuts and rip cuts and because they are fast thanks to having a small kerf. 

There are some differences between them; for example, Diablo D1050X is only available in a 10-inch size. However, Forrest WW10407125 is expensive, and it may burn hardwoods. 

If you need one with two blades for the price of one, DEWALT DW3106P5 should be your choice. 

It comes with two blades that are 10-inches, but each blade has a different teeth count. The 32-teeth blade is suitable for ripping and general-purpose missions, while the 60-teeth one is great at cross-cutting with high quality.

However, one of them will need to be sharpened before you use it for the first time, so take note of that. It is also not suitable for detailed work, so if you need to make intricate details, this is not the one. 

If you won’t work with masonry or ferrous metal, the 10-inch Freud LU83R010 is going to be a suitable choice. It also has reduced vibration because of the laser-cut, anti-vibration slots. 

IRWIN Marples 1807368 is going to last with you for a long time because it can be resharpened. 

However, if you need a 12-inch blade, HICO CBW1232 is the best one. It is made from hi-density carbide plus titanium. Moreover, it is ideal for making crosscuts. It is also quiet and does not vibrate much.

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