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Dewalt DWS780 Vs DWS782 – Which is the right one for you?


Choosing a miter saw equals selecting a tool that is supposed to provide you with comfort, safety, and precision of work. This is why you may be losing sleep over thinking about the best miter saw to buy

Dewalt is one of the leading factories that produce miter saws. Consequently, Dewalt DWS780 and Dewalt DWS782 are two great miter saws. Then, how can you choose between them? 

In this article, I will try to help you decide by stating their features, pros, and cons. 

Dewalt DWS780 Vs. DWS782 - Full Comparison


Both models have powerful and durable motors of 15-ampere power, and they can have 3.800 RPM. This strength of the motor enables Dewalt DWS780 and Dewalt DWS782 to cut all types of wood, plastic, and even metals (provided that you place the suitable blade). 



Dewalt DWS780 is versatile because it has an extensive cutting capacity; thanks to it is exclusive back fence design that allows it to cut  2×16 and 2×12 pieces of lumber at 90 degrees and 45 degrees respectively. Moreover, with Dewalt DWS780, you can bevel starting from zero up to 45 degrees, with the ability to stop at 0, 22.5, 33.9, 45, and 49 degrees in both directions.

Similarly, the back fence of Dewalt DWS782 enables it to cut up to 2×16 pieces of lumber at 90 degrees, and 2×12 at 45 degrees. Moreover, its cut capacity is 13-7/8-inch horizontal capacity, 6-3/4″ maximum vertical, and 7-12-inch nested crown capacity. It can also miter 50 degrees to the left and 60 degrees to the right and comes with an adjustable detent plate and cam lock for between-detent angles. 


Dust Collection System: 

Both models have a dust collection system that can clean up to 75% of the produced dust. This is a handy feature, for it saves the time and effort you would exert in cleaning up after you finish your work, and it will prevent you from having to stop your work to clean and then proceed, which can be time-wasting. 

However, I should warn you that the dust collector bag that comes with Dewalt DWS782 does not actually collect 75% of the dust (it collects way less than that) because the narrowness of the plastic tube that runs and goes to the bag from the saw makes it clog up every few hours. That said, you can consider Dewalt DWS782 with no dust collection system at all. 



Dewalt DWS782 has big knobs that make the process of adjusting the miter, and the saw a lot easier. These knobs will allow you to set the saw properly with zero effort. Even people with weak eyesight will be able to find these large knobs. 

Unfortunately, Dewalt DWS780 does not have those knobs. 


Precision and Cutting Quality:

The XPS crosscut positioning system is one of the most incredible features of Dewalt DWS780. It also comes with ultra-bright LED light that enable it to adjust free cuts. This, however, may not be very handy when you are working in a medium that has heavy lights, natural or artificial because such light will make the laser hard to be detected.

Moreover, with Dewalt DWS780, you can rest assured that the cuts will be precise and accurate thanks to its tall sliding fence supports, the amazing back fence design, and the dented plate with cam lock. 

In addition to all of the above, you do not need to worry about the quality, or durability of the saw because it is made of stainless steel castings which enable it to withstand the difficult conditions that you may face when working in a job site. 

Unlike the Dewalt DWS780, Dewalt DWS782 does not have the light feature; however, it can still produce very precise cuts. Actually, using this model makes the production of simple furniture a lot easier. Moreover, this model enables you to move around weird angles with ease, which heightens the quality of the cuts. 



Dewalt DWS780 is way more expensive than Dewalt DWS782. This may be because of the Laser light. 


What is Included in the Box?


Dewalt DWS780: 

  • DWS780 12″ Miter Saw
  • Blade wrench
  • Dust bag
  • Vertical material clamp
  • 12″ Carbide Blade

Dewalt DWS782: 

  • DEWALT DWS782 12-inch double bevel sliding compound miter saw
  • One carbide blade
  • One blade wrench
  • One dust bag
  • One vertical material clamp

Pros and Cons in Brief:



Our Rating




Our Rating


Users Reviews on Amazon:

Dewalt DWS780:

It is precise, powerful, and easy to use and clean. It is suitable for heavy-duty projects, and at the same time, it is light and portable. The clients mostly love its size, versatility, precision, lighting system, ease of cleanup, ability to hook it up to shop vacuum, and its ease of adjustment. 

The only negative aspect of it is its price. Other than that, it is entirely lovable. It cuts through wood like butter, with complete ease and accuracy. It can also make very fine sheets of wood that are paper-thin. 

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Beware that the saw might be delivered broken. Also, the blade may be offset to the left to the extent that it hits the kerf plate on a zero bevel cut. 

Dewalt DWS782:

The dust collection system is the worst. 90% of the produced dust will be scattered all over the place if you do not connect your shop vacuum. 

The blade that comes with it is excellent. It does not shift over time, and it may need a minimal adjustment that you can easily make. 

Dewalt DWS780 Vs DWS782: Which is Better Overall?

Both models have quite similar features. They have the same powerful motor and blades. The only difference lies in the price and the LED light. Dewalt DWS780 is more expensive, and Dewalt DWS782 has no LED light

I would say that the LED light is not worth the extra money because Dewalt DWS782 is known to give the most precise cuts, nonetheless. So it would be better to save the extra cash and maybe spend it to buy any additional accessories you figure that you need by time.

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