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Best Chainsaw Gloves Reviews 2022 – Experts Top Picks


Chainsaws are one of the most dangerous power tools to use. This is why it is important to equip yourself with Best Chainsaw Gloves, which will protect your hands from injury. When you take a look at Best Chainsaw Gloves, you’ll see that they vary in price depending on what material they are made out of and how many features they have. We’ve compiled this list of Best Chainsaw Gloves so that you can find the Best Ones for your needs!

Buying the Best Chainsaw Gloves for your needs can be a daunting task. There are many factors to consider, and you want to make sure that you are making the right decision. Do not worry! We have done all of the research for you so that you can just read this blog post instead of doing it yourself.

It’s important to have the right protective gear when you are using a chainsaw, as it can cause serious injury if they come in contact with your hands. In this article, we will talk about what gloves are made of, which models are best for each category, and what is the best gloves for you? We’ll help you find out!

What is a chainsaw glove?

A chainsaw glove is a type of gloves that are designed to protect the hands from cuts and other injuries when using a chainsaw. Chainsaw gloves can be made from various materials, but most are made from durable leather or Kevlar. They typically have reinforced seams and extra padding on the palm and fingers to provide maximum protection.

There are many gloves that can be used for chainsaws, but there is no such thing as “the best”. They come in all shapes and sizes, which means what works well for one person might not work so well for another. The most important factor to consider when choosing a chainsaw glove is the fit. You want a pair of gloves that fits snugly and firmly, but isn’t so tight as to restrict blood flow or movement.

Some people prefer leather because it’s durable and tends to be more breathable than other materials like Kevlar, which makes them good for hot days on the job. Kevlar gloves, on the other hand, are more resistant to cuts and tears. So if you’re looking for a glove that will offer maximum protection, then Kevlar is probably the better choice.

The Best Chainsaw Gloves

The VGO-One is a great pair of chainsaw gloves. They are made with high quality goatskin leather and have Kevlar stitching to make sure they are durable. The palm patches are made of textured PVC, which lends them added durability.

These gloves provide excellent protection from flying debris and cuts. Extremely flexible, breathable, and dexterous because of its stretch spandex back. Inside the left glove is a chainsaw stopper fabric patch with 12 Layers that adds to cut resistance and protection against the EN381-7 standard, class 1,20 m/s.

The gloves also have an elastic cuff for a snug fit. It comes with a 3D pre-curved finger. It is also CA65 certified/REACH compliant, CE certified with EN388:2122

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The Husqvarna Functional Chainsaw protective Gloves are a great chainsaw gloves. They have a snug fit and are made with durable synthetic leather. The gloves also have Kevlar stitching to protect your hands from cuts. These gloves are comfortable to wear and provide excellent protection against chainsaw injuries.

There is a cut resistance feature in the left-hand glove of these gloves. Both gloves are made of spandex fabric with a goatskin palm and bright colors for visibility with a reflective Crown H logo.

These chainsaw gloves comply with EN 381-7 Class 0:16 (m/s) requirements.

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The Oregon Chainsaw safety glove is one of the best chainsaw gloves that you can buy. It has a Kevlar lining which will protect your hands from any debris or sawdust that may fly up. It’s also made with a tough leather material, so it can withstand any impacts or blows. These gloves are perfect for anyone who wants to stay safe while operating a chainsaw.

The Oregon chainsaw safety gloves are made of smooth leather and feature hi-visibility material to ensure that you have the maximum level of comfort and protection.

The left hand is made of extra thick material that protects you from harm. Not to mention, the EN 381-7 Class 0:16 (m/s) standard is met by these gloves.

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The Youngstown 05-3080-70-L Kevlar Chainsaw Gloves are some of the best chainsaw gloves on the market. The interior of the gloves are made with 100% Kevlar and provide excellent protection against sawdust, wood chips, and other debris. The gloves are also resistant to cuts and abrasion. Its thumb is with a terry cloth cleaning wipe for sweat and debris removal.

The Youngstown 05-3080-70-L Kevlar Chainsaw Gloves are available in sizes small, medium, large, and extra-large. They also come in black or yellow, making them easy to see if they become detached from your hands. The gloves have rubberized grips, which provide excellent control when cutting wood. The gloves are also very comfortable and easy to wear for long periods of time.

It comes with a Cut Resistant of ANSI/ISEA 105 Level A4 , and Puncture Resistant of ANSI/ISEA Level 4

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The Endura 385CS Hi-Viz Cut-Resistant Chainsaw Gloves are a great option for those looking for a good pair of chainsaw gloves. They feature Kevlar and nylon fabric construction, which makes them resistant to cuts and slashes. On the left hand, eight layer kevlar lining covers the back of the hand.

The gloves also have a high Viz design, which makes them easier to see in low light areas. This pair of gloves is good because it has one-handed cuff closure, impact protection and they are very breathable. The palms are constructed of waterproof, smooth grain goatskin leather with anti-vibration reinforcement built in.

The durability of these gloves is excellent as well. You can use them around water with no problems. They are also machine-washable which is a big plus.

These gloves can be used with a chainsaw, brush cutter or even an angle grinder without any issues. With its bright orange color, these cut resistant gloves will also increase your visibility when working in the woods.

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The Ironclad Ranchworx RWG203 Work Gloves are a great pair of chainsaw gloves. They have a snug fit, and they’re made with goat skin leather and Kevlar to protect your hands from the blades. The gloves also have a good grip so that you can hold onto the chainsaw properly.

It features a Rolltop seamless fingertips with a unique patented design – provide maximum dexterity and double-layered protection. U.S. Patent No. 7,287,285

Its impact protection is provided by a Knuckle and finger TPR construction. Terry cloth thumb wipe for sweat. Cuff that is designed to be fitted without overlapping.

Overall, these gloves are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a good pair of gloves.

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As you can see from the photos, these Echo chainsaw gloves have a lot of extra padding to protect your hands. They are made out of leather with Kevlar reinforcement in critical areas. The Velcro wrist strap is wide and long enough so it won’t come off easily when caught on something while cutting trees or brush.

The Echo 99988801600 Chainsaw Gloves have a 100 percent goatskin leather front for a solid grip. Vibration reduction via foam pads on the palm.

It has 2 layers of Kevlar for extra protection. The high level of protection it provides makes this a great choice if you spend most time cutting trees or brush with your saw.

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The MAGID TRX-series of gloves are a great pick for professionals and DIYers. They have been tested to protect from chainsaw injuries by passing EN 388: 2016 & ANSI/ISEA 105 – 2017 Type C requirements, which is the only standard that measures protection against cut resistance. In addition, they meet NFPA standards for resistance to heat, electricity and cutting.

The Windstorm Series is the newest addition of this series that was added in 2018. They are designed for chainsaws but can also be used with other power tools too. This gloves have a cut and abrasion protection of ANSI A4 as well as a puncture protection of ANSI A3. These gloves feature MAGID’s exclusive TouchTec technology which helps you maintain dexterity while using your hands at full capacity.

The M-Flex Impact Defense System and the Cool Mesh Venting System in the RTX744 Impact Glove give ultra-flexible impact protection and keep hands cool while working.

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How Do Chainsaw Gloves Work?

Chainsaw gloves are an important piece of safety equipment when operating a chainsaw. They work by protecting your hands from the sharp chain and debris that comes flying off the saw. Most chainsaw gloves have a tough outer shell to protect your hands from cuts and punctures, and some even have Kevlar lining to protect you from potential burns.

Not only do chainsaw gloves protect your hands, but they also keep the saw from flying out of control. If you aren’t used to operating a chainsaw, it can be hard to control and maintain balance on one.

What to Look for When Buying Chainsaw Gloves?


When looking to buy and wear chainsaw gloves, make sure to find a pair that fits well and is comfortable to wear. The gloves should be snug so that they don’t come off when you are using the chainsaw, but they shouldn’t be too tight so that you can still operate it properly.

You also want to find a pair of gloves that are made from durable materials. The outer shell should be able to withstand cuts and punctures, and the Kevlar lining should protect your hands from burns.

The gloves should also have a good grip so that you can maintain control of the chainsaw. Look for gloves with a textured surface or rubberized grips to keep them from slipping.

Finally, make sure that the gloves are waterproof and breathable. This will help keep your hands cool and dry while you are working.

Protective Equipment for Chainsaw Safety

Protective Equipment for Chainsaw Safety

There are many other types of safety equipment you should wear when operating a chainsaw. You should always wear hearing protection to protect your ears, and goggles or sunglasses to shield your eyes from debris. Some people choose to wear full face shields for added protection against flying objects like rocks and tree limbs.

You also want to make sure that the clothes you are wearing are not flammable. Loose-fitting clothes can easily catch on fire if they come in contact with the chainsaw. It is also a good idea to wear boots and pants that cover your legs to protect them from cuts and scrapes.

Chainsaw gloves may seem like a minor piece of safety equipment, but they can make a huge difference in protecting your hands from harm. More often than not, the chainsaw will fly out of control if you don’t have gloves on when operating it. Make sure to choose a pair that fits well and is comfortable to wear so that you can work for extended periods of time without feeling too uncomfortable.

Final Thoughts

We all know how important safety is when operating a chainsaw. We want to make sure that we are protecting ourselves as well as our loved ones, and one of the best ways to do this is with the right equipment. Chainsaw gloves are essential for any chainsaw operator because they will protect your hands from getting cut or damaged by the saw. We have reviewed some of the best pairs on the market and you now should be able to decide which one works best for you!

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